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Helios FM transmitter 20/100W 10 year warranty
As part of the new FM transmitter range, the widely-respected Helios has been redesigned to meet today’s most challenging broadcast requirements.
The new Helios FM 20W/100W now includes an “FM Band Direct to Frequency” Digital Modulator from ECRESO for higher signal quality and performance.

Available in 20 W and 100 W versions, the Helios FM 20W/100W can be used as a standalone low power transmitter or as an exciter in conjunction with Goliath FM amplifiers. The unit is fully protected against overheating, VSWR and lightning.

We can confidently provide you with a 10 Year Warranty on our transmitters thanks to 3 things:
  • Our exceptional design quality
  • The outstanding efficiency of our transmitters
  • EMR, our new, proactive maintenance service
Also available within the unit are several innovative features such as dynamic RDS encoding and an FM Limiter. The front panel with LCD screen can be used for local configuration while remote control can be performed by Web server, SNMP, RS232 or GPIOs.

Ecreso Video, New FM Transmitter Range

Ecreseo nouvelle gamme emetteur FM, Voir la videoVoir la vidéo Ecreseo nouvelle gamme emetteur FM, Voir la videoVisualice el vídeo


Key Features

  • 10 year warranty - Check out more here
  • Compact 2U rack design
  • Fully Digital FM Exciter 20 W or 100 W
  • Stereo Encoder with analog and/or digital audio inputs
  • Silence detection and intelligent failover
  • TCP/IP with Web browser and SNMP
  • GPIOs
  • Dynamic RDS Encoder
  • FM Limiter with MPX power control (ITU-R 412)
  • Expert Maintenance Reporting
  • Advanced Metering Interface